Here are some insights into what FEWS is all about:


  • What is "FEWS"

    FEWS is an acronym for "Food, Energy, Water and Sanitation" the hierarchy of basic human needs.
  • Why does FEWS matter?

    Any given day, countless millions of people around the world are struggling to provide for one or more of the FEWS basic needs. They may be encountering lack of access to abundant and nutritious food, clean water, secure and sanitary housing, and/or energy to light or heat their home. There's an opportunity for us to reveal God's love and goodness to people through helping them discover creative and local solutions to their basic needs -- thus helping them move from surviving towards thriving.
  • What is Sustainable Technology?

    Sustainable Technology is all about partnering with local communities in order to help individuals and families discover practical, locally sourced and replicable solutions for their basic needs. The emphasis is on people-driven projects that are sustainable and make sense to the community.



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